Typical Scenarios

You had registered a domain name long back? no idea what is the status. you want to know and have a website.

Your website has been designed back by a freelancer & the person is not available now. you want to redesign the website.

Your website contents have been same for a few years. Your business has changed, need an updated website.

You don't have time to write the content for your existing or new website.

You have many products services listed in your website. Do not have idea about your visitor's interest. Want to know which products or services you should focus on take strategic decisions.

You have added new companies with the existing one & now it has become a group. Would like to redesign the website as group of company.

Your website needs an update & the person who's attending is very slow, does not respond properly, need a dependable, fast responding, understanding service provider.

You have a simple website with address & some information. you want to add the latest features like Facebook, videos, newsletter etc.

You want to increase the business through your website; with the use of the latest technologies.

You are in business for some   time and you are unable to control things. The business is   not profitable. You are unable to take decisions.