Web Application

Web applications are programs that are accessed using a web browser. They are installed in a server and accessed from a client computer. The server can be on the internet or it can be locally within the premises on a Local Area Network.

The advantages of web application are, they can be accessed from anywhere and they are available 24 X 7. Any update done on the server program will enable all users to see the same immediately.

We not only do web design with some Forms and other simple features like most of the web design Companies. We also develop full fledged web applications. This makes us one of the preferred vendors, since we can handle both web design and application development. By this you can save lot of your effort of coordinating with two agencies.

Here are some of the applications we have developed for our customers.

Best Web Development Company in bangalore
Contract Management
(for an overseas client)
Best Webdesign and Development Company in bangalore
Dealership Management
(for an UPS distributor)
 Web Development Services Bangalore
Appointment Manager
(for Dentists)
 Web Development Services Bangalore
Automated Quotation generator
(for a Packer and Mover )

Web Development Services Bangalore
Order Engine without Payment gateway
web application Services Bangalore
Shopping cart with Payment Gateway and Reports

Web Development Services Bangalore
Sales tracker
Web Development Services Bangalore
Project Effort recorder

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